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Hello and welcome to Nyxia Creations! I am a small independent artist making costumes and art.Want to get in touch? Reach out via telegram or email!

Announcements page!

Adoptable fursuit designs available!
I've worked on a new option for fursuit commissions; adoptable designs! These are premade character designs that, upon purchase, will be made into a fursuit. These are similar to premade fursuits, except they have not yet been made.The best thing about these is that they are now the fastest, and cheapest way to get a fursuit from me. These will not require waiting for a commission opening, or being on a waiting list; upon purchase they will be addes straight onto the back of my current queue.Interested? Check out the page for them below:

2024 event schedule

Chibi Sunnycon
March 3rd - Beacon of Light Sunderland
Megacon Birmingham
March 23rd - 24th - NEC Birmingham
May 24th - 28th - Birmingham Hilton Metropole
June 21st - 24th - ST James Park Newcastle
Beechside comic con
July 20th - 21st - Cleethorpes leisure centre
The Lincon
October 5th - The Engine Shed

Can't make it to an event? Visit my Etsy shop open almost all year round!

Fursuit quotes

The fursuit quote form is open all year round now! Fill in the form below to get a customised quote for your character design. Quotes are free, and there's no obligation to commission after recieving a quote.
After getting a quote, you can join my quote club where you will be notified when new slots open (New opening or cancellations) And will get first dibs before slots go public.
So if you're interested in a suit from me, what have you got to lose?

Adoptable fursuit designs

Fursuit adoptables are now available! Want a semi realistic, artistic liberty suit on a budget? But also want to know the character you'll get before committing? Then this is for you!
Check out the available designs below:

Astra Nyxia


I'm Astra! Owner of Nyxia Creations
Maker of fursuits
Drawer of arts
Writer of books

Revie Rae


Discord moderator and admin!
Awesome artist
Designer for my premade fursuits!
D&D nerd



Discord moderator
Politics and history nerd
"I also draw too"



Discord moderator
Chaos gremlin
Former rat dad

Head only

Starts at £1300 toony
Starts at £1400 semi-realistic
It is what it sounds like; just a fursuit head! You will receive a fully customized and built from scratch fursuit head made just for you.Prices will be subject to change depending on the intricacy of the design wanted and the species of said design.

Mini Partial

Starts at £1600 toony
starts at £1800 Semi-realistic
Mini-partials include a fursuit head, paws and tail.Prices will be subject to change depending on the intricacy of the design wanted and the species of said design

Full Partial

Starts at £2000 Toony
Starts at £2200 semi-realistic
A full partial includes a fursuit head, paws, tail, arm sleeves and feetpaws.Prices will be subject to change depending on the intricacy of the design wanted and the species of said design

Head refurbishment

Starts at £1000A full refurbishment of your fursuit head! Involves fully stripping the head completely and redoing it from there! I will work on most heads by any maker for refurbs, not just my own suits!All heads must be clean before sending them for a refurb. I will not work on suits that are stained, or have bad odour. I charge a £200 deep cleaning fee if a suit is sent in bad condition.Smaller refurbs (Replacement parts or large modifications) Are also available, please enquire via message or email.

Hand paws only

£250 for 4 fingered paws
£280 for 5 fingered
Hand paws for your costume made from scratch! Price will increase depending on amount of fur colours wanted, complex markings, and whether or not claws are wanted, stuffed pads, lining, etc.The Kloofsuits paw patterns are used for all handpaws.(pictured example: 4 finger puffy paws)

Tail only

Starts at £50Tails can come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Prices will change depending on fur colours, size of tail, shape of tail, complexity of design (Markings, spikes, fins etc) and whether or not wiring or a foam core is needed / wanted.(pictured example: 2x medium standard tails)

Feet paws only

Indoor paws start at £350
Outdoor paws start at £300
Prices may increase for complex designs such as extra fur colours, complex markings and whether or not claws are wanted. I both use a variety of patterns, and make feetpaws from scratch depending on the clients needs.(pictured: outdoor plush feetpaws

Arm sleeves

Prices start at £100 for unlined sleevesArm sleeves are fluffy sleeves that cover your arms. Made specifically to your own measurements and can be lined for easier cleaning and comfort for only an extra £40!

Add-on pricing

Pricing for different add ons to help calulate a rough cost for your suit! Please be aware this method may not be accurate and is only there to give you a ballpark for pricing. It is recommended to submit a quote request for a 100% accurate price.
These prices are also base prices and are subject to increase depending on design and complexity.

Two+ fur colours£30 per colour
Spot markings£10 per spot
Stripe markings£10 per stripe
Head lining£50
Plush teeth£40
NFT (National fibre technology) fur£100+
Interchangeable tongues£50
LED (EL wire) Eyes£200
Glow in the dark painted eyes£20
Plush handpaws£100
Handpaw plush / plastic claws£50
Footpaw plush / plastic claws£50
Piercings / jewelry£20 per piece
Plush horns£50
3D printed horns£80+
Removable (magnetic) hair£50
Hair tufts£50
Large hair (Mohawk, long hair)£80
Small tail (Nub)£50
Medium tail (20 - 40 inches)£100
Large tail (40 - 100 inches)£200
Gore slice tail base£100

You can view the current commission queue here:

Why should I choose Nyxia Creations to make my fursuit?
Check out the below video for a great rundown of why we will be perfect to bring your character to life!

How do I get a commission slot?
- Fill out my quote form! Quotes are open all year round, and all quotes are valid for 6 months before you need to get a new one.
- Once you have your quote, you can either turn down your quote, or join my quote club where you will get first dibs on the next slots that open up, or any cancellation slots.
- If you submitted a quote during a commission opening you then have the option to join the quote club, or the shortlist. On the shortlist you will be in for the chance of getting a slot this opening. The shortlist is only available during commission openings, and before the opening deadline. if you miss an opening, you must join the quote club.
After the commission opening deadline, I will go through the shortlist of clients and pick out which ones will be worked on this opening.
- If you don’t get through, you can choose to join the quote club for next time, or cancel your commission.
- If you cancel or turn down your quote, it will be deleted from my form, and you will need to get a new one if you change your mind.
- If a cancellation happens on a slot, people on my quote club will be contacted and offered a slot to replace it. This will be first come first served.

Whats the difference between the quote club and shortlist?
- Quote club: I like this quote but I need some more time before committing
- Shortlist: I like this quote and I’m ready to commission now

What materials do you use / are your materials allergy friendly?
As far as I am aware, I do not use any materials that may be an allergen. I am happy to disclose a full list of materials with anybody where necessary, but if you have any kind of sensitivity I would recommend getting your commission lined. I line everything with neoprene (Not the kind used on wetsuits, as that contains rubber and can be an allergen) except for armsleeves which are lined with lycra.

How long do fursuit commissions take to complete?
Due to the nature of fursuit commissions, I cannot give an ETA that covers all commission types. Upon commissioning, the client will be given an ETA time for their individual suit. I aim to keep my maximum wait time under 3 months per suit where possible.
If you are at the back of my commission queue, expect to be waiting 6-8 months for your suit to be started.

When do you open for commissions?
Currently my commissions openings are around May, and October! May slots open at the Confuzzled convention which most slos will be taken by attendees. If you do not attend Confuzzled, the October opening is your best bet to get a slot. Other slots for one or two suits may open elsewhere in the year depending on timing it takes to complete suits
Commission openings may coincide with convention times so keep an eye out at conventions if you are planning to get a slot.

Which payment methods do you accept?
Paypal invoices are the most common form of payment I accept. I do also accept bank transfers, where the client will be given a small discount, but this form of payment does not come with buyer protection.

Can you make me a free fursuit?
No. The only circumstances in which you can get a free fursuit is if I hold a raffle for one which is very, very rare

How do I make...
If you wish to make your own fursuit, please consult the YouTube series by Kloofsuits and follow along with that. It's how I've learnt the craft and is much more helpful than I could be. I am willing to give criticism and offer advice when asked but I will not walk you through the process. I do also highly recommend Kloofsuits patterns that are sold on their Etsy shop as they are brilliant for beginners and experts.

Where do you buy fur / foam etc?
Please consult fursuitmaterials.com for a massive list of all the materials and parts you could possibly need for making a fursuit or costume. This covers worldwide places to shop for every single material you need.

Is your workshop pet friendly?
No. We currently own two cats and one dog. If you have a serious allergy to cats or dogs I would recommend not buying a suit from me as I cannot guarantee the suit will be free from all contaminants. I can wash suits before postage for an extra fee, but still cannot guarantee complete removal of all possible contaminants from your suit. If you have allergies, you are purchasing from me at your own risk, and I can take no responsibility.
I do try to keep pets out of my studio, but even still, I cannot guarantee a lack of contaminants.

Do you have a Patreon?
Nope! I don't use Patreon anymore for a variety of different reasons. Instead I use Kofi and their monthly subscription system. This means that almost all your donation goes directly to me, minus a Paypal fee. Kofi is also a lot more stress free and much easier to manage than Patreon. This also makes it easier to people to send a one time donation rather than being pushed to subscribe for a month. I also list a variety of items from my Etsy store on my Kofi for UK customers!

Where do I find your TOS?
Via the button below!

“I am extremely happy with my Nyxia Creations mini partial! I couldn't have asked for anyone better to bring my sona to life. Astra was amazing to work with and gave me frequent updates on how my suit was progressing while also answering any questions and requests I had quickly and politely! The turnaround time from fur selection to holding him in my hands was excellent, doubly so with how high quality the finished product is! I'd highly recommend!”- @RealCaldyro (2023)

“I'm extremely proud to have a suit from Nyxia Creations. My original suit was from 2019 and he's been very recently refurbished.
Astra has been amazing throughout both my suit's original creation and his 2023 refurbishment. Everything being done has been very well communicated and the improvement of their suits from 2019 to 2023 has been outstanding. Astra works very efficiently and professionally and I couldn't recommend a better maker to anyone! The experience is always positive! Any changes or questions I had during the making process were handled perfectly. Highly recommend!”
- @ashthehellhxund (2023)

“I now have 3 partial suits from Nyxia Creations. The fact that I keep going back is a testament to how happy I am with the suits. Astra has never shied away from working with complex markings or detailed requests, and is always open to having discussions about what is feasible and how to make my ideas and concepts workable which I really appreciate! The aftermarket service and willingness to check on repairs and offer maintenance advice really makes for the complete package when commissioning a suit. Highly recommended!”- @RevieRae (2022)

“I am so pleased I trusted Nyxia Creations to bring my Sona to life. Communication was amazing. I frequently received WIP photos and updates. Any questions I had, Astra was quick to answer. Turnaround time was also very quick with the high quality I received. Definitely my first choice if I were to commission for another sona. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to commission a suit!”- @HarveyVulpix (2022)

“I’ve had a really positive experience going through Nyxia creations to make my character come to life. Throughout the process I was kept regularly up to date with WIPs, questions and conversations that made the process very smooth. Astra talked me through what colours would work best and got a range of example sources fully discussing with myself what I would like. The process was quick and smooth and very reasonably priced. She has brought Ginger to life and has made me one very happy Corgi! Couldn’t thank her enough.”- Gingernut (2020)

Adoptable preclaim fursuits!

How do these work?
These designs are premade, artistic liberty character designs available for purchase to be made into a fursuit. You choose which design you would like, and it will be made into a fursuit! Upon purchase, these will be added straight to the back of my queue, making them the cheapest and fastest way to get a fursuit from me, bypassing wait lists and commission slot openings.
These follow the same rules as artistic liberty fursuits, meaning that the designs may be changed from their ref sheet during the process, with the buyers permission. Minor changes may be made to the design by the buyer.All designs are done on a base by Retro RinxPlease fill in the contact form below if you are interested in purchasing a designAll preclaim adoptable designs are currently for semi realistic style ONLY

Pastel snow leopardSemi realistic head: £1400
Semi realistic mini partial: £1800
Semi realistic full partial: £2200

Sunset wolfSemi realistic head: £1400
Semi realistic mini partial: £1800
Semi realistic full partial: £2200

Sun ligerSemi realistic head: £1400
Semi realistic mini partial: £1800
Semi realistic full partial: £2200

Interested? Fill in the form below!